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Meet Olga, Russian Helicopter Pilot

” Two years ago I passed my helicopter private pilot certificate in California. Now I'm training towards instrument rating and a commercial pilot certificate at HeliStream.

Those are facts and only the top of the iceberg. The journey to becoming a helicopter pilot is much deeper and much more challenging, but it simply starts with passion and love.

Love of the sky and to be in the sky. In my case, it starts from skydiving back in Moscow about 20 years ago. To be in the sky just feels right, it's my happy place. How could I stay there longer ? not only jumping from planes and helicopters. The dream was so daring that I couldn't imagine myself as a pilot back then.

It’s when I moved to the USA that I finally decided to try my luck and went to a helicopter school. As a noncitizen, and English not being my first language, you can imagine how tough it could have been. I had to work a few jobs without days off for sometimes 18-20 hours per day. Went through a divorce at the same time because who has time to have a husband when you’re that focused !

Sometimes was only able to fly twice a month repeating the same maneuvers over and over again. 100 flight hours later, I passed my check-ride.

Words can't describe that feeling of fulfillment. Your soul expands. You know that you are on the right path of your life. Obstacles on the way are empowering you to push your limits, to raise your potential, and spread your wings as it means to be.

Well, as Rumi said, ”As you start to walk on the way, the way appears”.

A true love story for me !”

What a journey ! Thanks Olga for sharing your challenges, love, tears and sweat ! You can follow Olga on instagram @sky.raiser
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