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Meet Janna 🇺🇸 an inspiring wind of change!

From suffering from addiction to (literally) pulling herself to new heights : Janna teaches us a valuable life lesson...

There’s something extremely erotic about being the most competent person in the room 

Flying a helicopter is like becoming a hummingbird for two hours. You control this little thing that can just buzz you around anywhere so fast. Left hand on the collective stick, which can bounce you up and down like a bucking bronco and control your power/gas. Your right hand on the cyclic stick where millimeters of precise corrections jet you forwards, backwards, to the right eight inches and then back to the left; the thing can cha-cha; it's so agile.

It's the vibration all around you as well. If you have ever been to a live F1 race, you understand what I'm talking about. The exhilaration of something effervescent that bubbles inside you when you can feel a machine of artisanal caliber execute. Sports cars, jets, motorcycles. They get my metaphorical dick hard. That and the smell of exhaust. No shit. Avgas smells yummy. As a kid, I remember sniffing exhaust when the bus came, like a dirty pair of panties.

Now, don't even get me going on the G's... the part where your tummy flips on the drop in a rollercoaster. Ohhh, it's a happy feeling. Just on the razorist edge of scared but not there. Still in the fun zone. You giggle; it's so good when the wind changes and turbulence bounces your senses electrically.

It's magic when it happens. It's love. It's the only way to describe it. It's just the same as the feel you get right before you come during sex. Just a little zap of body bliss. Lightning in a kiss. You've all had it. You know what I'm talking about. Maybe it's been a long time like it was for me, but you know what it is when it hits you. And you start to long for it when it's been too long. Then desire kicks in. Desire to feel more alive... and then you're hooked.

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