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Meet Svea 🇳🇴

“When I was 14 years old, my parents took my on a helicopter sightseeing flight in the States. I was sitting next to the pilot and I will probably never forget how much I was smiling, as soon as we lifted into a hover! Those were the most exciting and the happiest 20 minutes that I’ve ever experienced.

After the flight, I kept dreaming about flying in helicopters, but it didn’t cross my mind, that I could become a helicopter pilot myself. I knew that the education is expensive and it’s also not said that you will get a foot into the business once you’re done with flight school.

So for the next years, I stayed on ground, trying to become a professional biathlete. I even went to university for a short while, but whenever I heard a helicopter around, I was wishing to be up there in the air, and not on the ground reading books. In 2018 I finally made the first step and took my medical. Short time after I applied to the norwegian Flightschool ‘European Helicopter Center’. I had to wait for another half year until I could start, so I used my time to have a look in a helicopter company, how the daily life of a pilot and the loadmasters looks like. And with every day my excitement for flightschool just got bigger!

I started at the school in August 2019 as the only girl in a class with 23 guys. I quickly made really good friends and I never cared about some guys, that seemed to question a girl flying helicopters. It’s been an amazing time from day one and I never regretted taking the education. I finally got to finish my CPL(H) in November this year and now I’m hoping and applying for jobs for the upcoming season.

Beeing able to fly makes me incredibly happy and everytime I lift into a hover, the same smile comes back. I’m grateful that I can share my story with such a great community and I hope that I can inspire more to make their dream come true!”

Many thanks for sharing your story Svea ! Wishing you all the success in your next challenges ! Svea trained at the EHC in Norway and you can follow her on Instagram @svea_boehm


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