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Meet Fraser | An Australian inspiration !

My journey to reaching pilot status, hasn’t always been smooth but well worth it’s sacrifices.

At 18 years of age, I sat my first police exam as that was what I wanted to become, a heil pilot in the police force. The local Sargent who conducted my interview said I had some growing up to do before I was ready so I lived out of my car while traveling Australia and overseas experiencing life and working in my other passion of outdoor education. It wasn't until fifteen years later I was in an accident that led to my short death, it was at that point where I re-evaluated my life and a wake up call to chasing my dream of becoming a Helicopter Pilot. To do this, I needed find a base where I was able to immerse myself in the helicopter world while still maintaining full time employment and a work life balance, flying is expensive!

I moved to a small town in Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory Australia and study via distance education. I secured a position with the local council in sport and recreation that allows me to be an active member in the community while giving me the opportunity to maintain my own physical and mental health, essential when chasing your dreams!

I volunteer for a remote helicopter company at the airport here in Jabiru, early morning and late afternoons and any weekend I can, and my work leave down at the Katherine hanger (300km south west). I study via distance education and do my lessons in Darwin, (300km North West), you might ask why I live so far away? in the Australian outback 300km is "just down the road" and I know that with dreams you sometimes need to make sacrifices, I sacrificed a long car drive so that I could live in a community that supports me along this journey, they are my family and is something you can not be without.

This career choice comes with a glowing recommendation from me, it is not one I will ever doubt. When your in the air, life stands still, your mind becomes clear and your possibilities seem endless.

Some advice from me – surround yourself with positive people who will build you up and you can achieve anything. Going forward, I plan to complete my licence and apply for a position with the company I volunteer for, they specialise in remote work so there are a number of branches I can follow and endorsements I can obtain.

You may not understand but I don't want to be the 'biggest and the best with the fanciest toys', I have lived remote Australia for a very long time, I love the lifestyle, I love the people, its my home. I want to be a 'bush pilot' where every day is a different adventure and you come home to a campfire and great stories of a life lived from the air.

Amen sister ! the less travelled road often leads to amazing stories and a lifetime well spent chasing what you love ! Thank you for sharing your story with us and inspiring more women to follow their dreams ! you can find out more about Fraser on insta @freerangeebony
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