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Alida - Australia

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

I’ve wanted to be a helicopter pilot since my first flight at 13 years old in the RAAF SAR helicopter out of RAAF Base East Sale. Unforgettable! The industry is challenging for anybody but if there’s one thing specifically as a woman I face then it’s the odd occasion of being completely ignored and people assuming I’m a receptionist or bus driver.

"people assuming I’m a receptionist or bus driver"

Even when I’m standing right there in my uniform they will look past me for a male pilot to arrive. I just smile and nod until it clicks 😂 To aspiring pilots, if you get in the seat and you feel the fire light and it’s really something you’re passionate about then do all you can to network and learn and don’t stop until you achieve your licence. Sometimes it can be frustrating, expensive, you have weather and maintenance set backs but it’s all worth it!

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