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Meet Erin

I dabbled in aviation for a long time before deciding to do my licence. I wanted to fly and I also wanted to have freedom and fun in my work and the ability to help people which I saw possible in helicopters.

I have faced challenges with the nature of the industry in that it’s always changing and you can’t plan a clear career path. You have to roll with the punches and sometimes you make plans to be somewhere in a certain timeframe which can completely be turned around.

I look up to people who make something great out of their life and people who overcome great obstacles to be who they want to be.

My next challenge will hopefully be learning to fly the AS350 and building some more turbine hours as well as studying the ATPL’s.

You can follow Erin on instagram @erinautical_ she is Australia, working for Aero Logistics in New Zealand and flys the R44. Thank you for sharing this with us and wishing you all the best in this wonderful industry!

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