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Meet Melissa do Brazil !

I studied Pharmacy at college and have a master degree in Biochemistry so I started working as a pharmacist for 13 years, in hospitals, laboratories, industries, universities.

In 2009, I became First Lieutenant Pharmacist in Brazilian Air Force. I served for 8 years...

Then, a childhood friend of mine, who is a helicopter pilot, advised me to study aviation... it wasn’t that easy to take a decision, but I decided to switch carreer.

I started my aviation studies in 2013 and it took me 4 years to get the commercial license.

Now I have my Multiengine, Instructor and IFR licenses !!!

Lots of challenges along the way, including money

  • The course is very expensive to afford and my family couldn’t help me at all

  • The fact that I am a woman (I had to face many men who don’t like it)

  • My own family didn’t understand and felt betrayed about me changing carreer at 34 years old...

  • A big crisis in Brazil in 2014 (no new jobs).

Well, after a hard process of preparation and a long time waiting, God gave me a great opportunity to be hired in an air taxi company.

Currently, I fly a Bell 206 Jet Ranger. I live in São Paulo, but I work in Rio de Janeiro 16 days straight : panoramic flights.

Before this job, I used to work as a freelancer in an Agusta Power as a copilot and a Captain of a Robinson 22.

I’m very happy with my job now, and I hope to be able to fly a lot!

I loved to be a pharmacist as well, but at this time of my life, I want to fly. It’s where my heart and soul belongs.

Thank You Melissa for sharing your Journey with us ! Amazing experience and bravery to face all those challenges to reach your goals. Brazil must be incredible to fly over : so worth it ! You can find out more about this awesome woman on Instagram @mel_medrano_
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