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Meet Jessica | Heli Nurse

Updated: Feb 4

“Four years ago today I graduated nursing school and tonight I'm half way through a 24 hour shift at the helicopter.

I used to say it was pure luck but that's just not true. Saying it was luck cheapens all my hard work.

Studying for my first nursing school test after putting my 8 week old and two year old to sleep while their dad was working, failing out of my nursing school and transferring to a second nursing school...where i failed a second time and had to repeat....again. I worked any extra hours I could during this time as a nurse intern on a busy rehab floor in my hospital, night shift, day shift it didn't matter .... Finally graduating with my boys niece and nephew watching as I was pinned....and then working so hard to pass my NCLEX (1st try, all possible questions.).

I spoke with anyone and everyone about what I could do to become a flight nurse, and how I needed to be an ICU nurse I studied more for an interview for the "StaRN" program at my hospital. (A graduate nurse position that would allow me to get into the ICU immediately after completing)...and my hard work allowed me to get the spot. That's when I knew I needed to really put in the time if I wanted the flight nurse spot.

This happened just as my life was falling apart. I went through my divorce with two small babies and no family support around. This is when the fire was truly lit. I signed up for any extra shift, studied and took any prehospital certifications I could. I sat for my CCRN as soon as the board would allow me to.

Finally, at my three year mark, I was able to apply for flight nursing. January of 2019 I applied for the job...almost three years exactly to the day I passed NCLEX. On April 1st, 2019 I began living my dream. During all those terrible nights when I felt lonely and overwhelmed and stupid I didn't think of myself as lucky. Saying I'm lucky negates my sacrifices and dedication. So I won't say it was luck. I'm fortunate enough to find people around who push me and cheer me on. For some reason I found them, or they found me.“

Talk about persistence! So impressed with her tenacity and showing the World all is possible if you put your heart into it : Jessica is a navy wife, her husband is a pilot and currently deployed. they have two little boys and she works as a flight nurse and an Icu nurse. Find more about her on @flyingbaumsquad
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